180 schools and 55 000 students use our service in Finland.

Customer Map

Timo Suanto, IT -pedagogical expert, City of Espoo:
“Opinsys service is remarkably more convenient than our former suppliers, which adds value for teaching.” Read more (in finnish)

Riitta Rekiranta, headmaster, city of Kauniainen:

“We got ourselves more computers and a system, that supports learning and teaching.” Read more (in finnish)

Kalevi Rissanen, director of education, Muurame:

“The deployment has gone smoothly. The co-operation with Opinsys has worked really well.” Read more (in finnish)

Antti Turunen, IT -support, City of Kemi:

“Some have been really suprised by how fast the (reused) computers can work. It’s like working with brand new hardware.” Read more (in finnish)