Opinsys Ltd has been working with school ICT since 2005. Our first deployments where custom made Linux -solutions and hardware sales. Along the years we have specialized more and more in providing a complete service for schools. Linux and open source programs are still at the core of our service.

In the recent years we have begun to co-operate with partners. We still run ICT in 200 Finnish schools but the real growth will be in school systems operated by others. We provide them the tools.

Our growth has been fueled by satisfied teachers at our customer schools and great savings the schools have achieved. Independent studies have confirmed a typical savings level of 40% of total ICT cost.


Opinsys is helping schools from kindergardens to high schools with technology to improve learning. We make sure that technology works and develop it further to better meet the needs schools have. Our solutions are based on Ubuntu desktops and we also like Ruby on Rails and node.js a lot. We are currently developing multiple open source projects using Ruby on Rails, including Puavo, Iivari and Walma.

Our development team is focused on real issues. We don’t try to do everything, but concentrate on a few things that we do well.

We are also interested in having people with pedagogical background. If you are a teacher with a desire to ICT, keep us in mind.

To apply send an email to and tell why you are a perfect fit for us. We are looking forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions, send us an email or call Jouni Lintu at +358 40 777 0412.